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Wix, the composer of some of the starship titanic music's real name is Paul wickens. Also, Douglas composed some of the music himself!

Alsoooo: There are THREE endings. You CAN actually explode the ship... but I really really really want to know what the third one is! :D :O
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what!! man, i need to figure out how to "nose around" on the CD stat. i'm so curious.
I know! I found it while I've been cruising around looking for the music files. Which, I found here:

My ringtone is now the sgt chicken machine music!! :D
oh yes!! i love the ending music. i'm going to put it on my mp3 player, hahaha thanks.

i did discover that there are tons of .avi files on the cds of most of the movie segments in the game, but either i missed the two endings i do know of or they aren't so readily available...??

one ending is the standard ending.. .the second ending is if you don't diffuse the bomb... and the third, I haven't been able to find out about.

The third, alledgedly was put there to stir up everyone who goes through the files on the cd. I'm not sure if its actually attainable through the game, or just through said files.
no, i know haha. i'm saying i can't find the movie files of the two normal endings either. ;P unless this person is referring to another kind of file than the .avis...
the only people who have the answer to that are the captains from the original SST forum. unfortunately they have been scattered to the winds.
when the original forum closed they have tried to stick toghether, but it has not always been easy. the latest incarnation of the forum is to be found here.

they are the ones who know.
ask politely and you may find out.